Why did you choose this task? INTRODUCTION

For my G324 coursework, we chose task ten which is a short film in its entirety together, alongside two ancillary tasks for which we chose to create a poster and a magazine review.

After many researches during the summer holiday, I have come to the decision of producing a short film. This decision was due to my AS production which was an opening sequence. I felt that a short film and an opening sequence are much more relatable compared to a music video. Therefore, I decided to make a short film to further develop my knowledge and experience in this area.

Other reasons that took me away from producing a music video were my interests in the characters’ emotions taking the lead. In a music video, the characters would adjust their emotions according to the tone of the music (i.e. major or minor key) and/or the lyrics that are being heard. This means that music is the most important media, and although that does not affect the entertainment received through watching it; it will still create a small connection between the character and the audience. In a short film, however, soundtracks and sound effects usually manipulate the characters’ emotions to reinforce them. This builds a higher understanding of the character to the audience, which helps the audience in relating to the character. Furthermore, dialogues or short monologues are other options to consider while producing a short-film. The ability of listening to the characters converse (diegetic sounds) help towards understanding the characters and how each interacts with the other. On the other hand, listening to a characters’ thoughts (non-diegetic sounds) guides the audience into the character’s true feelings.
Last but not least, through producing a short-film, I am able to insert my ideologies, beliefs and imaginations into the film which would otherwise be illusions. Even though imaginations, beliefs and ideologies could also be conveyed in a music video, it must be appropriate and relatable to the chosen song.

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