A2 Film Planing and Soundtracks

After long discussions and shared ideas, I and my teammates decided to produce a horror/thriller short film.

Currently, my teammates and I are primarily concentrated on the final storyline of our short film. However, as we progress into the storyline we are considering the location, costumes, and the filming location. The first location we decided to film at was our own school. However, since more successful horror films tends to be based in a forest (as the forest itself is a horror-like place), we have changed the area to the forest. The idea of leaves and woods have a frightening feel to them, let alone the diegetic sounds that can be produced as the characters simply walk on a woodland area. This will help increase the tension in our short film, especially in its most sensitive/quite parts.

In terms of costumes and make-up: the antagonist (who is a male) will be dressed in dark clothing, while his face will either be painted darkly or will wear a dark mask. This will make that character seem mysterious and alarming. On the other hand, the protagonist will be a female with no make-up, and will dress vulnerably. Ideas of vulnerable clothing could be any sort of uncomfortable clothes that do not seem appealing to the situation that the protagonist is put in.
Even though the female is the lead character: we will be using the male dominant convention, as we are placing the male against the female, and the male will be the stronger character. We were originally going to break this convention at the end, but have now decided to remain to the male dominant convention for a more effective ending.

In order to have a successful short film, the sounds must be synchronised very well with the actions shown in the scree. Therefore, I and my teammates will be using some sound effects and soundtracks to help improve the sound quality of out short film. We will use this site http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/ for royalty free music. I have been familiar with this website since my AS academic year because I downloaded royalty free music and used it to further add interest to my Opening Sequence task at AS.Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 06.04.01

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