Filming test/ location set up

The group task yesterday (11/12/12) was to go to the filming location and try out some of the planned shots during lesson time. Sandeep was ill during that day, however, Shane, Joe, and I went to Claybury Forest Park. We looked at the area in greater detail, and took photos of basic shots which may guide us when filming.

This is the entrance of the park

As the park is very big, deciding on a specific location was quite challenging. We tried a variety of locations until we found the perfect one. The picture underneath shows me standing. Behind me is a tree which we were going to make our main area as it seemed quite ‘creepy’.

We were finally satisfied with this area which has a lot of small trees and leaves everywhere. We felt that those kinds of leaves were important to have as they make the area seem ‘crowded’ and hard to run in-between, making our protagonist even more vulnerable.

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