Our Shooting Was Primarily Successful, Although Some Shots Need To Be Repeated. No Body’s Perfect.

Again, we plan to shoot this coming week. This time we will shoot the indoor scene at Shane’s house, and the next shooting day will be at the forest.
I apologies for not providing any visual elements in this blog. My teammate Shane has all the videos & images we took since he is/will be our talented editor.
I look forward to shooting the rest of this!

The next time we shoot in the forest, I will be using my camera to take photos, while Shane’s camera will be our main short-film creator. I have thought of using both cameras, which would ease the idea of continuity editing, but our filming location is actually very small, and we will need another camera person (which we don’t have), so I feel it will indeed be better if we only relied on one camera. Not that we have a choice, since this is a DSLR camera, it will need someone to keep it on focus.

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