Co-Directing In This Film And Discussing Shots

As a co-director and a camera person, I and Shane both discuss shots before filming. Our storyboard did not come as clear as it should have been, and since we changed the script it was slightly different and difficult to follow. However, I felt that discussing the shots was just as good.

I believe that having two directors will grant us with a better production as two opinions are involved to insure the film is framed well, the actors are acting appropriately, the location is perfect for each scene, etc. Of course, Sandeep also helped with framing the camera and holding it, however, her main job was making sure the sound is recorded to the camera efficiently. She were to hold the condenser mic as near as possible to the characters to get a good quality sound, yet not appear on our frame. I must admit that was a difficult job which she accomplished so effectively in the past days we’ve filmed.


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