Our Target Audience

I should speak to you now about our target audience as I do not believe I have mentioned this topic, yet. Considering how our actors are teenagers, the film is also targeted at teenagers. This is because the audience will need to relate to the heroine/protagonist in our film. However, older generations are unlikely going to look at our heroine as an example of themselves.

As our film is a Mystery Horror, our first intension was to set our target audience to 15 as a minimum age and not 18 because; although it is a horror film, it does not contain any elements of violence, strong language or even any kinds of weapons.

However, after having a discussion about this, we decided to take our age limit down to PG-13. This will widen our audience, and will make it one of the FEW Horror films that are targeted at young teenagers.

Not only did the idea of “PG-13” widen our audience by the age limit, but it also signifies that our film is targeted at the american population too. Due to America’s large population, it is likely that our film will create a larger profit (although it will compete with Hollywood films) benefiting our production company. Moreover, the profits from Sweet Dreams will allow us to make another movie with a much higher budget (If this was a real media text, of course).

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