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As the poster is my main task now, I have been researching a variety of posters which have a forest type of background to them.
Those are examples of posters that are particularly inspiring me:



Both of the above posters combined would most likely lead to our film poster. This is because my main idea is to have the spirit stand behind the girl while she is in front. Aspects of this are slightly shown in ‘Smiley’. Furthermore, the area (in our poster) which both characters will be standing in will be a dark forest, like the forest that is shown in ‘Sauna’.

The above poster shows a girl hiding from men. This is fairly similar to our production where the girl in the entire film is hiding and running away from the man spirit that chases her until the end.
The girl in ‘Eden Lake’ is standing in front of the camera, and is in full colour while the men are dark. This demonstrates that, like our film, this girl is the heroine, but is still very vulnerably. Her vulnerability is reflected in her facial expressions, and the fact that she is hiding from the men.


Finally, ‘The Blair Witch Project’ was actually our main inspiration to have even thought of this film’s idea, therefore, it is no wonder how our posters will be very close to one another.

I think when I am done with our poster, it is most likely going to look like a combination of all four posters listen. This is not a copied idea, but the fact is we feel that this type of poster that fits into our film’s storyline perfectly.

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