Finished editing – First Draft

Shane has officially finished editing today, however, we did have some issues. The main issue was the fact that the film lasted for about 7 minutes which is way too long.

Other issues I noticed as I watched the film were:
-The sound that was suddenly changing between a shot to another depending on the background nosies that were accidentally picked by the condenser mic. This caused a continuity issue.

-On 1:36 there is a shot of the red carpet shown, then a close up shot to the carpet and the sweets. The shoots are fine, however, the colour of the carpet is suddenly changed from a dark red to a bright red. This was because one of the shots was shot inside a house(internal) while the other was shot outside, and had the bright natural light (external).

-Other issues with the continuous editing pace are shown all over the place.

Shane was asked to cut down the video, and I constructed him to the types of shots he needed to get rid of, and how to make the sound appear smoother.

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