An Interview With Fellow Students

Shane has uploaded this video to Youtube.
In this video, Shane had shown our A2 production to fellow students and friends. He asked them of their honest thought about our short film.

Although, we only received positive comments, that could be because the comments we received were by fellow students. However, on youtube you are able to see many honest comments underneath the video of our final production piece ‘Sweet Dreams’ by a variety of people.

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 04.43.04

In this 5 minute interview with fellow students, our film is primarily rated 8 out 10 by those students. Although our group feels that our film deserves 9 out of 10, we also understand the reasons which had given us 8 out of 10 and those were the continuity editing issues (although some were used for the effect of an illusional dream), but over all, we were all very pleased with our product, and that’s what truly matters. In life, not everyone’s going to enjoy what you make, but that doesn’t mean you must stop.

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