Ancillary tasks – The Poster

We had taken photos during the production of our film to use as our poster images. However, they were not as good as I’d hoped they were. Editing them was extremely difficult in contrast to the final images we used.

The original images we took were hard in terms of removing the background. This was because there were a lot of small leaves which fitted into the texture of our  dreamer girl’s clothes (Shaney). Moreover, her hair and the woods both had a light brown sort of colour.  This, again, made it harder for the software to recognise the difference between her hair and the woods.

Here’s the edited images that could’ve been our  poster:

907358_10151394505152749_476741875_n-1 913158_10151394505172749_1672185376_n 907358_10151394505152749_476741875_n

They are fairy good, but if you look closely at the edges, you can see aspects of the original background that were very hard to get rid of. After considering it, I decided that we needed to have a more professional photo-shoot for a better poster. However, persuading Hamdaan to agree on “wasting” 30 minutes of his time to do this was one of THE most annoying processes of this entire production. He used excuses like being “too busy” and his brother had “broken the mask”.  Although, we have a strong trust in our group, I knew what Shane has told me over Facebook was no more than a bunch of excuse to not have to do this.  I knew this because when Shane finished editing the film, I (and other class members) had noticed some issues in the continuity of editing. I asked, or rather begged him to take what he has done with me to slightly change it. Unfortunately, Shane (Hamdaan) could not trust me enough to change certain ISSUES of our film. He used the excuse of  have had “deleted all the videos in the USB” making it impossible for me to change anything at all.

Withal, for the posters, I did not give up easily. I had no choice but to force him into this photo-shoot. Shaney (the dreamer girl) seemed more committed to our group than he was. As soon as I contacted her, she was more than happy to miss an  day of her college to help us with the photo-shoot that was held in our school during lunch time. Here are some of the images we took during that very successful photo-shoot.:

IMG_2390 IMG_2392IMG_2404IMG_2380 IMG_2385 IMG_2394 IMG_2397 IMG_2399

As you can see from the picture on the right. Our only light was set on to the side of the actor’s faces. This was to get the effect of  of having a bright side, while the other would  have  a slightly dark shadow.

Here are some photos of the process of editing the poster:

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 11.31.05

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 09.27.39Through editing these photos, I ended up with five different versions. This was because Hamdan (Shane) and I could not exactly agree on the font of the poster I made. I then decided to take the opinions of others (who are also our target audiences) in order to help us make the right decision.

The main two things which I and Hamdaan could not agree on were. 1 – The smaller font print for the credits. Hamdaan wannted that font to be like the rest of the poster’s font. However, I knew from researching posters that it must be a “Steeltongs” font. However, as the Steeltongs font did work on Adobe Photoshop CS6,  I ended up using the “Impact” font instead. 2- The second thing Hamdaan wanted me to do was make all fonts on the poster into the same colour (white). I did also did not agree on that, and decided to keep our logan red. Although, Hamdaan did not agree on this, Sandeep did, and that is the majority of our group.

Here are the five posters we’ve made:


We ending up sticking with the third poster (which is one that the majority of our audiences agree on) even though we struggled in the choice between the fifth and the third one.

I made sure I used  a photo with the teddy bear in it. This is because the teddy bear is a very important symbol in the production. Having symbolism in our production can help in making our film slightly more memorable to the audiences. They will also be reminded by our production when they see a teddy bear. For example, I recall (from personal experiences) being frightened of looking into the mirror after watching the Horror film Mirrors.

I have also added a dark green sort of colour to the poster. This colour reflects on the protagonist’s adventure in the forest, but the idea of using this dark green was used because it adds a “Horror feel” to the poster.

Again, the reason I insisted on keeping our slogan/tagline the colour red is because it reflects to our protagonist’s dress code in the production (which is red).

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