EVALUATION 2 – How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary text

EVALUATION 2 – How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary text?

As a group, we feel that our main product and both of our ancillary tasks complement one another effectively.

I will firstly speak of the poster which I made:


‘that is really good editing, I wish I could edit like that. Good job guy!’ – Shawell Atarid

‘The effects look real, and the teddy bear is good symbolism’ – Namoose Ayub

As the film is set in a forest, our main theme colour is green, which reflects upon the nature of that area. This colour was successfully carried to our poster through colour editing in Adobe Photoshop CS6. Furthermore, the main characters of our film were doubtlessly carried into our poster. The dreamer girl was placed in the front while the dark figure stood behind her. This exact idea was carried throughout our film production -the dark figure is always shown behind the girl-. I also decided to use a transparent, black image, on the dark figure (antagonist). The use of this will straight away reflect to our viewers that the girl is haunted by that dark figure.
In the poster I have shown the dreamer girl looking slightly upwards as though she could feel someone behind her. I also instructed our actress (Shaney O’Donovan) to look very fearful during the photo-shoot. The overall look of the poster (in terms of actors and their placements) very much matches the final scene/shot of our main product.
I would like to point out that since no characters were truly hurt in our film, again, the transparent, ghostly image could make some viewers wonder whether the dark figure is truly a “ghost” or if it is simply the girl’s imagination.
The use of the teddy bear in both our film and our poster symbolises the girl’s innocence, comfort and protection. When the dark figure leaves a note to the dreamer girl on the teddy bear, it reinforces that the dark figure is invading the girl’s comfort zone and is stealing her only protection.

According to the comments we received regarding this poster, I feel that it is purely successful.
This poster has had such a success due to our usage of the green screen which made applying effects very easily and effective while editing the photo. Organising the day for our actress (Shaney O’Donovan) to come into the school was the main difficulty (since she is no longer a student here). But after all we had a great photo-shoot with many great photos taken. The hardest decision was deciding which photo to pick as they main poster photo.
Below is a photo of our photo shoot day:
the one

The magazine review, on the other hand, was harder to get audiences’ feedback on, considering how most people did not have the time to read an entire magazine review. However, we managed to get the opinions of three students. One which is an English student (Sara Moura).
Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 00.54.06

‘I think the Review is very entertaining, it’s not like a newspaper, the language is much more – fun.’ – Sara Moura

‘The images are cool, the language is easy to understand, if I hadn’t known you made this I would have assumed it was a real magazine article. But I think people should have given a bigger better logo for ‘Ripe Tomatoes” – Aaron Sahadevan

‘The colour scheme with the forests is interesting. I like the background image of a forest and also how it contrasts to the 2 images from your production on both pages’ – Trish Amrat

The magazine review Ancillary task is also effectively linked to our production as it contains a brief summary of our main product. However, it also addresses our production process. The use of this idea will interest those youngsters who hope to become film makers.Moreover, the magazine interviews our two actors Shaney O’Donovan and Hamdaan Khan (known as Shane Khan). Those interviews will help build to our actors a fan base making them more popular to other casting directors.

Although, Shane decided to not edit the photos in the magazine, I believe they still link to the poster ancillary task perfectly as well as the main film task. Shane has decided to take the natural set of the film. He has done so because although, he’s speaking of the final film draft, he also mentioned of the process of filming this. Therefor, wanted to show the reader how our set truly looked like in our eyes. This move could help us get more audiences (those who enjoy film making). Finally the layout of the photos appears attractive to the eyes. This will help us in getting more people to read this review and hopefully watch our film.

Overall, I feel that both of our products work perfectly together to give our target audience an idea of our main product’s content. I personally feel that one of our two ancillary tasks is indeed strong enough to encourage our target audiences to watch out film. Our group could not have been more satisfied with the products we have established this year, and it is hopefully the start of a long journey for us, as film makers.

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