EVALUATION 3 – What have you learned from your audience feedback?

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

The audience feedback is a very crucial part of every artist’s work. Sometimes it is hard to make a decision of your own work, therefore you need other people’s opinions on it. To speak specifically of film makers: the audience uncontrollably build up exceptions in your film as they watch it. If your film does not follow their wanted expectations they will not enjoy your film.

Of course, I have already spoken of our hybrid genre of Mystery and Horror to add interest and shock the audience. This is where we found out if it was as successful as we’d hoped or not.

As you can see from this video, our film was quite successful. There were some negative comments, but overall, it is successful in our audience’s eyes too.

A negative comment we received was due to the harsh sound build up of the alternative score. Another one was both negative and positive, as it was thought that our film is too short. This signifies to us that our audience have enjoyed the film and they to see more. Unfortunately we’re on a time limit of five minutes.

The positive comments which takes lead.

1- Very eerie and creepy antagonist – we estimated that a completely black figure could slightly frighten our audience.

2- Good soundtracks – For our sound tracks, although we are able to compose our own musical score, we decided to use the background music/score found on http://incompetech.com/

As a group, we are aware of the copy rights each artist has over their music. Therefore, we used the music from incompetech as it is royalty free. http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/ and we owe this website for our film’s success!

3- Good set – We have the mother nature to thank for providing us with such a forest that is also nearby our school.

4- Good farming & shots – We have all worked together hand in hand, and  pre-planned the shots on a storyboard in order to achieve those successful camera frames.

5- Good ending – Before settling for this ending, we actually had another ending in mind. That ending was: the protagonist wakes up (at the end) then repeats everything she has done in an endless loop. But I personally feel the ending we have now is much more successful.

6- Creating suspense from the very beginning – I believe that the music with the storyline are the main two elements that helped our intended suspense to touch our audiences too.

7-  Good actors – The actors we have chosen are not only friends, but are also drama students. We were doubtless of having any ‘bad acting’ during our production.

8- Original plot – This was the most difficult to achieve, but after working hard on it, we were capable of success.

9- Good use of Mise-en-scene – As you may have noticed from my blog, we researched the dress codes and such for our characters from an early point. I am glad that our audiences have noticed our hard work.

Last but not least; although we have received some negative feedback, it was to do with minor issues which could not possibly take away all of our products’ success (film, poster and magazine review). I personally am glad to have received those negative feedbacks, because from this, I as a film maker have learned my mistakes and will hopefully never encounter them again.


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