Photography Workshop

This is a recent photography workshop which only I and Shane attended as it was not a part of the school’s programme.
Through this short lasting workshop I was able to further develop my knowledge in photography. I had experimented with the depth of field’s effects upon photos. In some of the photos below you will also notice the rule of third being used.
Those are the photos which I had time to edit in Adobe Photoshop CS6. Although, my editing is yet not perfect. I am perfectly proud of what I have achieved in knowledge about photoshop in my 30 days trail. Once I have completed my exams, I plan on purchasing the full software to continue developing my knowledge in photography. Being able to shoot ‘beautiful’ or ‘eye catching images’ will also benefit my directing skills.


This photography workshop was held by Sony. However, afterwards, I and Shane (Hamdaan) went  to central london to further develop the skills we had learned.



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