An Interview With Fellow Students

Shane has uploaded this video to Youtube.
In this video, Shane had shown our A2 production to fellow students and friends. He asked them of their honest thought about our short film.

Although, we only received positive comments, that could be because the comments we received were by fellow students. However, on youtube you are able to see many honest comments underneath the video of our final production piece ‘Sweet Dreams’ by a variety of people.

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 04.43.04

In this 5 minute interview with fellow students, our film is primarily rated 8 out 10 by those students. Although our group feels that our film deserves 9 out of 10, we also understand the reasons which had given us 8 out of 10 and those were the continuity editing issues (although some were used for the effect of an illusional dream), but over all, we were all very pleased with our product, and that’s what truly matters. In life, not everyone’s going to enjoy what you make, but that doesn’t mean you must stop.

My Own Film?

As you may have noticed, during my research in the summer, I was primarily inspired by films of the drama genre. However, since no others were into producing this type of genre I decided to fully create this film alone. I have written a very successful script and storyboard, though I was unable to film anything since I had been filming ‘The Misunderstanding’ with my group.

This is my script: Script for Film. Sis&bro SECOND VERSION

Of course, I may or may not be producing this during the Easter Holidays. It will depend on the free time I will have, but If I do, I will keep you updated.

This script was purely inspired by movies like ‘The Lucky One’ and ‘Toy Story’ as it contains a toy from Toy story in it (‘Woody’). My storyline shows the close relationship between a dead brother and an alive sister. This is fairly similar to ‘The Lucky One’ which represents the close relationship between a dead brother and an alive brother.

I will speak more of this production if I end up producing it.
I hope you enjoyed my script.

Well No Body Is Perfect, Our Film Is Nearly Perfect!

This is our final draft which is MUCH IMPROVED than the previous draft.

Once Shane was asked to improve all of the issues we had with the film, he came back within two days with our final draft!
Within such a short time he was able to get rid of most of the issues. I found it particularly impressive how he was able to cut the video down. I can still see certain issues with the continuity editing, but over all I’m very pleased with it, and with our work as a team.

Finished editing – First Draft

Shane has officially finished editing today, however, we did have some issues. The main issue was the fact that the film lasted for about 7 minutes which is way too long.

Other issues I noticed as I watched the film were:
-The sound that was suddenly changing between a shot to another depending on the background nosies that were accidentally picked by the condenser mic. This caused a continuity issue.

-On 1:36 there is a shot of the red carpet shown, then a close up shot to the carpet and the sweets. The shoots are fine, however, the colour of the carpet is suddenly changed from a dark red to a bright red. This was because one of the shots was shot inside a house(internal) while the other was shot outside, and had the bright natural light (external).

-Other issues with the continuous editing pace are shown all over the place.

Shane was asked to cut down the video, and I constructed him to the types of shots he needed to get rid of, and how to make the sound appear smoother.

A new post

As the poster is my main task now, I have been researching a variety of posters which have a forest type of background to them.
Those are examples of posters that are particularly inspiring me:



Both of the above posters combined would most likely lead to our film poster. This is because my main idea is to have the spirit stand behind the girl while she is in front. Aspects of this are slightly shown in ‘Smiley’. Furthermore, the area (in our poster) which both characters will be standing in will be a dark forest, like the forest that is shown in ‘Sauna’.

The above poster shows a girl hiding from men. This is fairly similar to our production where the girl in the entire film is hiding and running away from the man spirit that chases her until the end.
The girl in ‘Eden Lake’ is standing in front of the camera, and is in full colour while the men are dark. This demonstrates that, like our film, this girl is the heroine, but is still very vulnerably. Her vulnerability is reflected in her facial expressions, and the fact that she is hiding from the men.

Finally, ‘The Blair Witch Project’ was actually our main inspiration to have even thought of this film’s idea, therefore, it is no wonder how our posters will be very close to one another.

I think when I am done with our poster, it is most likely going to look like a combination of all four posters listen. This is not a copied idea, but the fact is we feel that this type of poster that fits into our film’s storyline perfectly.

Our Target Audience

I should speak to you now about our target audience as I do not believe I have mentioned this topic, yet. Considering how our actors are teenagers, the film is also targeted at teenagers. This is because the audience will need to relate to the heroine/protagonist in our film. However, older generations are unlikely going to look at our heroine as an example of themselves.

As our film is a Mystery Horror, our first intension was to set our target audience to 15 as a minimum age and not 18 because; although it is a horror film, it does not contain any elements of violence, strong language or even any kinds of weapons.

However, after having a discussion about this, we decided to take our age limit down to PG-13. This will widen our audience, and will make it one of the FEW Horror films that are targeted at young teenagers.

Not only did the idea of “PG-13” widen our audience by the age limit, but it also signifies that our film is targeted at the american population too. Due to America’s large population, it is likely that our film will create a larger profit (although it will compete with Hollywood films) benefiting our production company. Moreover, the profits from Sweet Dreams will allow us to make another movie with a much higher budget (If this was a real media text, of course).

Ancillary task

We have been researching aspects of our ancillary task in the past week in order to decide which two will be chosen. As far as now, we are completely certain that we will be producing a poster. However we are confounded between the radio trailer and the magazine artile. We have viewed some movie articles of the same genre, however, cannot seem to find any radio trailers yet.