We Finished Filming.

Today we went to Shaney’s house to film the introduction and the end of our film. Overall, It went very well and quick, compared to other days.

Now we could all finally concentrate on the other tasks we must do which include:

1- The  two ancillary tasks.

2- Making sure our blog is up to date with our latest media work.

Even though this was a successful day in contrast to others we have had. We  still had an issue today: our issue today was that the condenser mic stopped working, so we had to rely on the Canon EOS 650D built in mic. However, that was not a big issue, since we were in a clam house. All we really had to do was remain extremely quite while shooting.

Good day!

As We Film Shane Is Editing – This Is A Disappointing Post

At the moment, to speed the process, Shane is editing as we film day by day to meet our deadline.
I am extremely disappointed to say that I had taken a lot of photos of the new location we found in the park, but lost the photos somehow. That location has a broken old car which we felt will add to the suspense in our film. We have filmed there, and then moved to another location. We are almost done filming though.
Even though I cannot show you the images of the car, you will be able to see them later in our final production.

Short films

I personally have my own inspirational technique to work harder, and that is by watching other people’s successful work which influences me to become as successful!
It is also a reminder to what sort of shots I should be using in the horror/thriller genre. This short-film is a great example of an ending similar to ours

Also the short DECEMBER which I’ve already spoken about has very much influenced our film. http://shortsbay.com/film/december

Our Biggest Filming Challenge!

Our main actress Vanessa, is unfortunately unable to continue filming with us anymore due to personal reasons. We found another actress, but she also opted out as she did not like the idea of being a ‘second choice’.

This is very serious, and is worrying us all. We will get in contact with as many actresses as possible to play that role. If we were unable to find anyone, then I will. Though, directing and acting is very challenging when combined. This is something I did on my AS coursework and was a struggle. Nonetheless, our AS film did come out quite successful. Despite what have been said, now after a year, I am able to see certain issues in it that I was blinded to do so last year. Those include the poor titling, and some unrealistic sounds that do not fit into the scene very well. Lastly, the editing (which was also my job) is defiantly not perfected. But hey, recognising your own mistakes is the only way to overcome them!

Our Chosen Ancillary Tasks: A Radio Trailer And A Poster

Today we were given a few options which we had to pick two of.
– A Radio Trailer
– A Magazine Review
– A Poster

Since I’ve had experience with framing and editing images in a magazine and writing a few articles for my GCSE’s, we decided to do a Poster and that was given to me and Sandeep. Nonetheless, we have all discussed the basic ideas of our posters’ appearance.

The photo below shows the front cover of the magazine I produced as well as an article written for a teenage magazine in GCSE’s


The Radio Trailer is currently an unknown task. I say this because our group does not listen to radios, therefore, we have never heard a radio trailer. We will be researching this genre shortly though.

Co-Directing In This Film And Discussing Shots

As a co-director and a camera person, I and Shane both discuss shots before filming. Our storyboard did not come as clear as it should have been, and since we changed the script it was slightly different and difficult to follow. However, I felt that discussing the shots was just as good.

I believe that having two directors will grant us with a better production as two opinions are involved to insure the film is framed well, the actors are acting appropriately, the location is perfect for each scene, etc. Of course, Sandeep also helped with framing the camera and holding it, however, her main job was making sure the sound is recorded to the camera efficiently. She were to hold the condenser mic as near as possible to the characters to get a good quality sound, yet not appear on our frame. I must admit that was a difficult job which she accomplished so effectively in the past days we’ve filmed.